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A World Without Borders

8pm - Thursday, August 14
Ticket Prices: $20,$29, & $39


We’re very proud of the quality and “message” of the world music concert that opens the Guitar Festival in 2003.

Hamza El Din

Performing on the oud (the Arabian short-necked lute) and the tar (the ancient single-skinned frame drum of the upper Nile), along with his gentle voice, Hamza El Din combines the subtleties of Arabic music with the indigenous music of his native Nubia in his original compositions. He has single-handedly forged a new music, essentially a Nubian/ Arabic fusion but one in line with both traditions and informed by Western conservatory training. His music has captured the interest of listeners worldwide.

Hamza El Din is a world music giant, an international emissary of Nubian music and culture and an artistic pioneer in the recording of world music. - Rhythm Music Magazine.

El Din was renowned long before the new generation of hip young world music buffs "discovered" his haunting rhythm and surging lyrical instrumentals. - Pacific Sun

Pierre Bensusan

Working exclusively in DADGAD tuning, Pierre Bensusan has developed a bitter-sweet melodic approach that incorporates many musical languages. As the LA Times exclaimed, “He is one of the most unique and brilliant acoustic guitar veterans in what might most accurately be described as the world music scene today.”

Marching to the beat of a different strum, Bensusan mixes folk, jazz, ethnic, blues and Celtic elements in ways that suggest a truly borderless world. - The Washington Post

Pierre Bensusan is one of the truly gifted musicians of our time - he plays the guitar as if it was the very soul of himself. He has taken the solo guitar to ultimate heights. He has been a major inspiration to me. The emotionalism, the chords that go right to the bottom of me, his sounds are beautiful. - George Winston

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Fingerstyle Frenzy

8pm - Friday, August 15
Ticket Prices: $20,$29, & $39

Is it hot in here? Can acoustic musicians really break the “sound barrier”? You’ll have to be there to know for sure.

The Waybacks

"Many of the acoustic jam bands that seem to be sprouting like flower children on every street corner have concentrated on achieving that magic, in-the-moment vibe that is the hallmark of their progenitors, the Grateful Dead, but few have produced instrumental virtuosos who can follow the lead of newgrass icons like Sam Bush, Tony Rice and David Grisman.,” writes Scott Nygaard in the December issue of Acoustic Guitar Magazine. “The San Francisco Bay Area - based band The Waybacks, on the other hand, features a trio of hot pickers (James Nash, Chojo Jacques and Stevie Coyle) who are destined to become revered new-acousticians thanks to their individual solo styles and the band's novel and irreverent tenor."

Their inspirational combination of bluegrass, traditional country and various European influences -- not to mention their recklessly brazen breakneck pace -- exposed the band as virtuosos sharing a singular mind-set." . . . . . "The band members share the load equally, an exciting and rare thing to hear. - Buzz McClain, The Washington Post

Muriel Anderson

Winner of the 1989 National Fingerpicking Guitar Championship, Muriel Anderson plays with uncommon expressiveness and grace. Her eclectic repertoire includes classical, world music, and traditional bluegrass tunes -- all of which she performs with conviction and unerring skill on a custom McGill nyloning . A protégé of Chet Atkins and Christopher Parkening, Anderson uses her rigorous training to make music that's both entertaining and inspiring. - Columbus Press March

Muriel Anderson took center stage and our hearts. Her classically influenced music was played to a room full of dropped jaws - and, occasional winces with "how did she do that" looks. - Women Can Pick, Too

Phil Keaggy

"For a man who's managed to ride the cutting edge of guitar style and technique since the 1960s, Keaggy's philosophy about playing is surprisingly simple," says Brett Ratner in an article at Gibson.com.
"I love music and I love guitar," he said. "I love a variety of sounds from different cultures"
Keaggy also attributed his staying power to playing music instead of playing dated "licks" I've never been a shredder on the guitar, there's always have been a melodic bent to it," he said. "I'm grateful that I could even make a living doing this. I'm grateful to my influences."

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Christopher Parkening & Jubilant Sykes

8pm - Saturday, August 16
Ticket Prices: $20,$30, $40 & $55

Christopher Parkening

Christopher Parkening is ranked as one of the world’s preeminent virtuosos of the classical guitar. The Washington Post cited, he is “the leading guitar virtuoso of our day combining profound musical insight with complete technical mastery of his instrument,” and The Los Angeles Times wrote, “Parkening is considered America’s reigning classical guitarist, carrying the torch of his mentor, the late Andrés Segovia.” The great Spanish guitarist Segovia proclaimed that “Christopher Parkening is a great artist—he is one of the most brilliant guitarists in the world.”

Christopher has performed around the world, including such prestigious venues as Carnegie Hall and the White House. He has recorded 20 albums, and earned two Grammy® nominations in the category of “Best Classical Recording.” He recently was appointed as Distinguished Professor of Music, Christopher Parkening Chair in Classical Guitar at Pepperdine University.

Jubilant Sykes

For part of the evening, Mr. Parkening will be joined by the American singer Jubilant Sykes, who brings a new dimension to the traditional career of the classically trained baritone. Drawing on gospel and jazz influences, Sykes has created a diverse and personal approach to singing in a career that has already taken him to the Metropolitan Opera, the great music festivals of Europe and concert halls across the U.S.

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