In addition to the Luthiers and schools listed below, Acoustic Guitar Magazine, Mel-Bay Publications, and Luthiers Mercantile International will have exhibits and storefronts at the festival.

Please note: Although the festival opens with a concert Wednesday night, August 14, the luthiers exhibits do not open until Thursday morning, August 15, at 11:00 AM.


Festival Home
Exhibit Hours: 11:00 to 6:00 PM
Key to Instument types:
A=archtop; B=bass; C=classical; E=electric; M=mandolin; O=other; S=steel string; U=ukulele
Exhibitor Email Website Type
Fabrizio Alberico S
Don Allain   S,O
Randy Allen S,O
David Amour
(530) 926-2208 S,O
Andersen Stringed Instruments A
Aaron Andrews   S
Angella Guitar Co.   C
Joseph Bandy Guitars    
Baranik Guitars S
Attuneable Wood
(415) 458-8622 C, A
John Peter Barthell C
M.A. Bashkin Guitars S
Mario Beauregard S, A
Beneteau Guitars S
Berkowitz Guitars S,O
Bertoncini Stringed Instruments S
Tom Bills Custom Guitars S,A
Blanchard Guitars S,A,C,
J.S. Bogdanovich Guitars C
Borges Guitar S,O
Fletcher Brock Stringed Instruments   S,A,O
Richard Allen Brooks   C
Beyond the Trees O
Alan Carruth/Luthier C,S,A,O
Willie Carter   S
T. Cerletti Guitars A
Cervantes Guitars C,O
Ed Claxton Guitars   S
Clinesmith Instruments O
Crouch Stringed Instruments   S,A,O
Running Dog Guitars S
Joshia de Jonge C,S
de Jonge Guitar Company info@dejonge C
Michael Dolan Custom Guitars S, E
Joe Dragony   A
Dunwell Guitar S
Ehlers Guitars   (541) 466-3355
Eichelbaum Guitars S
Boaz Guitars S
Paul Fisher Guitars A
Charles Fox Guitars S
A. Fuller Sound C,S
Omega Guitars S
Galloup Guitars S
Garcia Guitars S
Gonstead Guitars O
Tony Graziano C,O
Miranda Guitars C,O
Greenfield Guitars C,S,A,
Hamblin Guitars   S
Bear Creek Guitars S
Antonio Kroger Guitars   C
David Haxton Guitars S
Moonstone Guitars S,O
Michael Hemken   A
Hewett Guitars S,A,O
Hill Guitar Co. C
Hoffman Guitars S
Hopkins Guitars A
Shanti Guitars S
Chris Jenkins, Luthier S
Michael L. Keller S
Woodtone Guitars S,A
Jamie Kinscherff Guitars  
Klein's Sonoma Music S
Michael Knepp Guitars   C
Knutson Luthiery S,A,O
Randall Kramer Guitars   (530) 587-1757
H.G. Leach Guitars S
Lehmann Stringed Instruments S
Michael Lewis A,O
Manzer Guitars A,S,C.O
Michihiro Matsuda   S
Mauel Guitars S
McAlister Guitars S
McCollum Guitars S
McElroy Guitars S
Andrew McSpadden   S,O
Ted Megas A
John F. Mello, Luthier C,S
Merrill Custom Shop   C,S,O
Micheletti Guitar Co. S
Evergreen Mountain Instruments S
Forbidden Fruit Guitars O
Spirit Guitars   S
Oberg Guitars C
Olson Guitars S
Shelley D. Park Guitars O
Alan Perlman C,S,O
Petros Guitars S
J. Ramsay Fine Guitars S,O
Ribbecke Guitars A,S
Scott Richter C
Paul Robinson Guitars   C
Robinsong Guitars C,S
Russell Guitars S,C
Kevin Ryan Guitars   S
Andrew Sacco Guitars A
Taku Sakashta Guitars A,S
S3 Guitars A
Savage Guitars S
True North Guitars S
Schwartz Guitars S
Sereno Guitars   S
Bruce Sexauer, Luthier S,O,A,C
Shannon Guitars S
Edwinson Guitars   S
Simpson Guitars S
Erwin Somogyi S
Smile Musical Instruments   C,O
Stiefel Guitars   C,S
Threet Guitars S
Townsend Guitars
(510) 847-4988
Jeff Traugott Guitars S
Rick Turner Guitars S
Tony Vines Guitars S
Laurie Williams Guitars S
Kathy Wingert S,C
Bruce F. Wood Guitars C
Schools of Lutherie
Luthiers School International S
Red Wing Technical College S
Roberto-Venn School of Lutherie S,C
Timeless Instruments C